Full-Day Axure Prototyping Workshop

This workshop is geared towards advancing beginners to an intermediate prototype skill level – you are guaranteed to walk out having mastered dynamic panels and repeaters! Even if you’ve never used Axure before, or have used it mainly for wireframing without adding interaction, you will leave knowing how to build interactive prototypes. Our learning material is interactive and addresses the learning curve that Axure presents to beginners by introducing easy-to-solve Axure Puzzles. The idea is that you can concentrate on building a strong foundation behind the interaction logic , and once the logic is mastered, you will have all the confidence to bring your learnings into Axure.

Course Outline

Introduction to interactive prototyping

After breaking the ice for a few minutes we will go over what is interactive prototyping. We will then talk about when you should use an interactive prototype instead of a simple click-through prototype, before wrapping up the discussion with the best practices to opt for when carrying out user research with interactive prototypes.

Introduction to Axure and a quick overview of its potential

During this section of the training we will briefly go over a few examples of very complex Axure prototypes in order to underline Axure’s endless possibilities, with the sole purpose of getting everyone excited about learning how to use Axure.

Discovering the Axure interface and how to make the best use of it.

This section is intended to quickly go over all the different areas available within Axure and the tools available when prototyping. The main purpose of this overview is to help you locate each of the tools available for later in the day when we start building prototypes.

How to convert an existing website into a prototype within minutes.

The first hands-on exercises that you will embark on will be taking an already existing website and prototyping it in Axure. We will then add functionality on top of it.

Building the logic behind an interactive prototype

Learning the logic behind some of the most common interactions will lead to you becoming very successful at designing interactive prototypes in the future, therefore we spend a good amount of the day going over interaction logic and effective ways to apply it to Axure. Watch part of this lesson now

How to fake a database with repeaters

Repeaters are among the most difficult widgets to tackle in Axure, and hence we want to make sure you become a repeater ninja. We will go over how to use repeaters to build robust and very realistic prototypes.

Learning Material During the workshop you will be submerged in a hands-on learning experience by solving Axure Puzzles. For every puzzle you solve, a digital Mozilla Open Badge will be issued. If you want to take a quick look at what an Axure Puzzle looks like watch this video. By the time you leave the workshop, you will be able to solve intermediate Axure Puzzles like this one as well as some of our more complex Axure Puzzles! Take a look at some of the UX designers that have already earned Axure Puzzle Badges!

It was a pleasure to work with Sandra. She is a professional and is willing to understand your background and customize the Axure Prototyping Workshop according to your needs. Would highly recommend her and hope we will collaborate in the future in other projects as well.


UI & UX Designer, Unilever

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Who should attend?

UX Practitioners, Uni Students & POs

  • Information Architects
  • User Experience Designers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Visual Designers
  • Product Owners who wants to quickly explore ideas and communicate more than just click-through interactions

Entrepreneurs This workshop is also ideal for entrepreneurs that are working on a MVP as part of a startup and would like to quickly prove their ideas in front of users or showcase them to investors.

ICT Teachers Axure offers FREE licenses to teachers as well as students. ICT Teachers looking for a software to teaching web design, app design and logic programming will greatly benefit from this workshop.

Our Venue

Birkbeck, University of London

Our training will take place at Birkbeck, University of London, which is a 5 minute walk from Russell Square Station.
For more information please visit their website.

Your host

Sandra Gonzalez

founder With a dual degree in Engineering and Education, Sandra also has extensive knowledge in developing curriculums and has previous experience working with clients such as NASA, GE and Scholastic. Her in-depth experience as an educator has inspired her to develop a unique approach to teaching Axure, where students are encouraged to learn by solving our exclusive Axure Puzzles, intentionally designed to teach all levels of Axure features and the logic principles necessary to make interactive Axure prototypes.

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May 12th, 2016 | view other dates

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